Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Webpage / Blog site...

Follow the following link...

It is unlikely that I will be posting further on this site, I'm keeping it available as more of an archive of older work.

Ann AKA Dragon.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Alternate blogging methods.

Testing a new method of updating the contents of this Blog. Just to keep any visitors entertained here are some recent sketches from the last few weeks...

A sketch based on the concept of styles in the 1960's

Character doodles,

and more character doodling,

this one was done at the Garrick last thursday while chatting with some very interesting people.

Sometimes its better not to ask. In this case its coloured pencils on recycled paper

Followed by the natural hunter of the previous image, this one is coloured pencil on coloured card.

As is this. However this one is based on a gent who was on my train to work, admittedly the subject was'nt quite as grumpy looking.

This one is a planning sketch for the Illustration Friday theme, 'Refreshed'

This is as far as I have finished the image as the new one has been released, 'Contained' and I have more interesting plans for that.

Last but not least a piece of fanart for the character Rincewind created by the wonderful Sir Terry Pratchett, the character resides in the Discworld.

Hopefully this test will be successful and more posts will follow.

Over and Out,

Ann aka Dragon.

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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Flaws and plenty of them...

....So the great Plan. Note the capital in Plan. was to use my new laptop (with windows 7) for all the web browsing and entertainment side of things, including the remaining portable side of things especially. This would complement the original laptop being reinstalled as a graphics only machine, and being static (remaining connected to the printers etc) since Vista disliked being disconnected and then reconnected later (really not sure why).
All was going well, the new laptop did precicely what was required and all files and data were backed up safely on an external drive. So I reinstalled Vista, this did not go as planned. It would under no circumstances format the drives so I ended up with 2 copies of windows running, on on each of the partitions. Wonderful.... on researching the issue I discovered that this was not unusual for Vista and that many others have had to deal with this aswell.
I even nipped into the local 'Computer tech' station in PCworld with the laptop to be told there was nothing to be done except reinstall again... using the Recovery discs made after purchace. These went missing about a month after being made.
Therefore, I have spent the day ransacking the house to find them, on locating them I made the discovery that Vista will not let me run them. Yay Vista, being its normal helpful self.
After a further hour researching on the internet, Vista finally relented and I am now watching it install yet again. perhaps this time it shall do as it is instructed.
I will update this later.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Windows 7

At this moment in time I have been using Windows 7 for about 2 hours and so far so good. My one program issue so far is that The Gimp ( an open source image manipulation tool ) won't install, I have e-mailed them for assistance in the hopes that they have a patch for this already.

More comments to follow once i finish installing the rest of my software etc...

Ciao laters aligators.
Ann AKA Dragon.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Aloha and good Evening =)

Another random post is due I think. Firstly I'm reccomending that if you havent already heard them that you check out 'Banjaxxed' by Black-Sookie. I found it very entertaining, in other news they are having an album release night tomorrow evening, sadly I will be at work so will miss it, looks like fun though =)

For more information please Google them or Google 'Belfast Unbound' (the guys organising the evening).

The Children in need evening was a blast aswell, the Peter Kay Animated album really ought to make it to #1 for shear laughs value.

Finished reading 'Kingdom come' (Mard Ward and Alex Ross) heavy plot but wonderful artwork and once you get your head around the concepts a good read, if a tiny bit depressing...

Possibly will post again soon, possibly not. Its the run up to christmas and I work in a toy shop, i may have gone insane instead =)

Ciao later Aligators,

Ann aka Dragon.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Work in progress. Witch from Dr Sketchys.

Based on this sketch from Dr Sketchys,

I have drawn up an ink outline on watercolour paper, below is the first layers of watercolour on the sketch.

The blue is actually a base for a black wash as I feel it helps give a bit of texture to the black.

Her hair was supposed to be black aswell, however I decided that would make the overall image a little too harsh so purple it was.

While I like the way the painting turned out I was a bit disapointed to have lost a bit of the feel from the sketch.

Also I haven't yet decided if I want some dark clouds behind her for a little more atmosphere. Suggestions and comments are always welcome :)
Back again soon.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Good morning, afternoon, or night. All depending on where you are :) not much happening here, I'm currently on my merry way to work. Note scarcasim. If anyone wants a tip, google 'the temple of the seven golden camels' it's a blog that's well worth Reading :)

Don't you just love Dr who.

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